Sunday, April 03, 2005

Gubernatorial Election Circus: Episode V

5 months after the election which produced two governors-elect, King County "discovers" 87 more ballots.

The discovery is likely to bolster a key Republican claim: that there were so many irregularities in the election that the true winner can't be determined. Republicans have cited many errors by election workers and have focused on King County, where batches of uncounted and improperly rejected ballots had been discovered earlier.

Secretary of State Sam Reed, the state's chief election official, was surprised by news of the most-recently found ballots.

"Oh my gosh," he said.

Reed said the news confirmed his belief that problems in the King County elections division are "very deep and very significant."

Meanwhile, in the Washington State House of Representatives:
Democrats removed identification requirements at the polls, something that Gov. Christine Gregoire and Secretary of State Sam Reed supported and the original Senate bill required, either in the form of photo ID or a voter registration card.
Which raises the question: why should it be easier to vote than to buy cold medicine?

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Paul said...

With all of the episodes, its like StarWars kinda...but more like Olympia Wars.

Ryan said...

Do you think we could call the "Olympia Wars" the "Olympics" and not be breaking some sort of copyright law? We could call this the Fifth Washington State Olympiad.