Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rossi Wins! - Twice!

Nov. 24: Rossi Wins! Again! Democrats call it a "tie".
Democratic King County elections official says "the machine count is going to be more accurate than a manual count."

Nov. 23, 5:20pm: Recount Update: Rossi has a net gain of 55 votes from 36 counties representing 64% of all votes, for a total lead of 316. Sound Politics provides timely analysis of the situation, including some magical mystery ballots discovered in Snohomish County as well as the ongoing selective hand-count in King County. We're still waiting on results from King, Kitsap, and Whitman counties.

Nov. 17, 7pm: Rossi wins by 261; headed for recount.

8,140 votes were counted today (2,013 more than the counties previously projected). Benton County (where Rossi leads by almost 40 points) finally reported in at 6:33, putting Rossi over the top. Secretary of State Sam Reed had already declared there would be a recount.

Nov. 16:

Despite King County's "discovery" of around 10,000 magical mystery ballots and Grays Harbor's "oops we counted those twice" revelation, Rossi managed to eke out a 19 vote lead today (from 158 votes behind yesterday).

If the remaining 6,127 ballots both (1) exist and (2) follow the pattern of all previous ballots, Rossi will win by 599 (requiring a statewide recount).

When this is all over, there should be an investigation into the King County elections office. Our one consolation is that least this year they shouldn't be able to be sitting in there eating chads.

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