Thursday, January 13, 2005

Gubernatorial Election Circus Continues

Rossi contests election:
Citing numerous problems with the election – including counties’ inability to match every vote with a voter, hundreds of improperly cast provisional ballots, and some instances of felons and dead people voting, and of double votes – Rossi said the people of Washington need a new election to restore their faith in the process.
Timothy Goddard writes a good summary of the election challenge. I must disagree on one point though. He asserts that the dead voting "doesn't matter" because the number of identified dead voters is currently less than the "margin of victory." The problem is that they still contribute to the total number of illegal votes and should not be ignored simply because they may not invalidate the election on their own.

Dead voters continue to be identified.

Recall petition filed against Secretary of State Sam Reed.

And on another note, Chris/Christopher/Christine Gregoire was sworn in yesterday as "Christine" - no word yet on how long this name will last.

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April said...

I would sign that recall petition for Reed.