Saturday, September 10, 2005

An Underwater Convention in 2008?

From the New York Times:

BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 9 - The New Orleans business establishment-in-exile has set up a beachhead in a government annex here, across the street from the state Capitol. From here, organizations like the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau have begun to plot the rebirth of the city.

In the cramped offices and hallways of this building, called the Capitol Annex, and continuing into the evening at bars and restaurants around Baton Rouge, New Orleans's business leaders and power brokers are concocting big plans, the most important being reopening the French Quarter within 90 days.

Also under discussion are plans to stage a scaled-down Mardi Gras at the end of February and to lobby for one of the 2008 presidential nominating conventions and perhaps the next available Super Bowl.

Great. Doesn't anyone remember how glad we were that the 2004 Republican convention wasn't in Florida? Tampa-St. Petersburg was one of the top choices before New York was chosen, but when it came time for the actual convention (during hurricane season) hurricane country was, not surprisingly, being battered by hurricanes.

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JJH said...

I'm agnostic on this one. National Review thinks the GOP Convention should be there in 2008, for what it's worth.