Monday, November 14, 2005

One Year of Observant Observations

Today marks one year of Observant Observations - a site which began with the November 14, 2004 post, "Importing Price Controls" (an issue which remains significant even now).

While Observant Observations continues to strive to bring you insightful insights into politics and world events, I will take a moment to note a few collaborative projects with slightly different missions which are occasional victims of cross-posting:

Just Barely Inside the Beltway - "Bringing you news and views from our nation's capital... because we live relatively close to it."

The Four Horsemen - "Musings from the men who revolutionized the Gonzaga campus conservative movement!"

And if you've ever wondered where Observant Observations gets its news, here are the top sources (in addition to a customized home page with top AP, Reuters, and NY Times headlines):

RealClearPolitics - Links to today's top news and opinion articles.

BBC News - World news from Britain.

Der Spiegel - World and European news from Germany.

The Drudge Report - Whatever news Matt Drudge thinks is important.

Orbusmax - A Drudge Report for the Pacific Northwest.

Other occasional news sources:

The Washington Times and The Washington Post

The Prague Post

The Spokesman Review

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Lady Jane said...

Congratulations on Observant Observations one year anniversary, Nick!!