Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Who Wants a Veto?

From Aljazeera:

Demanding two permanent seats with veto rights, African Union (AU) heads of state and officials in Libya on Tuesday said the organisation had already presented its demand to the UN.


But so far the Sirte summit in Libya has not touched on the issue of who would sit in the two potential seats.

South Africa-based analyst Dr Anne Hammerstad told Aljazeera.net on Tuesday that the summit had agreed on the easy things but had yet to tackle issues that would most likely generate heated debate.

"The whole thing might unravel when it comes to which African countries will represent the AU -there are at least eight countries that have declared themselves candidates.

I've previously criticized expanding the UN Security Council, but I'm starting to wonder about that. While the selection would be somewhat arbitrary, tossing another half-dozen veto-wielding members onto the Security Council will do one thing quite effectively - the Council may be left entirely powerless. It's close enough now, so why not give it the death-blow and move on to something more useful?
Meanwhile, the AU has also unanimously adopted a declaration ahead of Wednesday's G8 summit, calling for the debt of all African countries to be forgiven...
You'll get a similar resolution if you get enough law students together.

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