Monday, June 13, 2005

Legislating Morality

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a good quote on the old you-can't-legislate-morality nonsense:
(AP) "One of the great myths of our time is that you can't legislate morality,"...

"If you can't legislate morality, then you can neither lock criminals up nor let them go free. If you can't legislate morality, you can neither recognize gay marriage nor prohibit it. If you can't legislate morality, you can neither allow for prayer in school nor prevent it," he said. "It is a ridiculous notion to say you can't legislate morality. I say you can't NOT legislate morality."
Well said.

We would also welcome comments from anyone who can say why Governor Perry may face a primary challenge in next year's election. Has there been a notable problem with his administration or is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison just trying to set herself up as a stronger (more executive) presidential candidate?

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Lady Jane said...

Oh, great stuff from Gov. Perry! Thanks, Nick!