Saturday, May 21, 2005

Democrats Against Democracy

From CNN:
During floor debate Wednesday, Minority Leader Harry Reid accused the Republican majority of "moving toward breaking the rules to change the rules."

"Right now, the only check on President Bush is the Democrats' ability to voice our concern in this body," said the Nevada Democrat. "If Republicans roll back our rights in this chamber, there will be no check on this power."

Try winning an election, Harry. If you keep up Daschle's trend, the Republicans will have 60 Senate seats after the next election.

Do the Reid Democrats stand for democracy or merely obstruction? It's one thing to fight legislation or nominations for actual stated reasons and reasoned debate, it's another to abuse procedural rules to deny even an up or down vote for nominees who already enjoy majority support.

For more on the Observant Observations view of filibusters, please visit "Let's Have a Good Old-Fashioned Filibuster".

"Filibusters: A History" may also be of interest.

Update, May 24: A timely quote:

The Senate of the United States is the only legislative body in the world which cannot act when its majority is ready for action.

-President Woodrow Wilson, 1917

We are not certain, but would not be surprised if this is still true.

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