Saturday, December 04, 2004

European Weapons: Just Another Cash Crop

From the BBC:

China has warned the EU that it risks damaging bilateral ties unless it lifts a 15-year embargo on selling arms to Beijing.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui said the ban, imposed after the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square, was "outdated"....

Germany and France have called for the arms ban to be lifted, while the US and some EU countries are in favour of it remaining in place....

The US is concerned that arms sold to China by the EU could be used against Taiwan and risk sucking the US into a regional conflict.

France and Germany, meanwhile, believe China could prove a fertile market for heir arms and related industries.

There's a lot to say here, but I'll keep it simple:

France is lucky it didn't take this approach with Nazi Germany.

Semi-Related Update, Dec. 5: If you find plastic explosives in your luggage, it may be a free gift from the government of France.

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